Small Pets. Big Needs.

At Baron’s K9 Country Store, we focus on cats and dogs, but we don’t forget about the little guys. From comfort bedding to treats and bird food, we stock the basics for all kinds of small pets. And if you need something we don’t have, just let us know—we’ll be happy to order it. We also have a generous return/exchange program, because we know smaller pets may require going the extra mile. Other questions or needs? Just ask.

Show Some Love

A few of the things we carry for smaller pets include:

  • Carefresh pet bedding - great for rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, mice, ferrets, prairie dogs, birds and burrowing reptiles
  • Oxbow Animal Health is a worldwide supplier of premium hay, life-staged foods and supportive care products for small exotic pets.
  • CritterWare Small Animal products - specializes in making quality pet products with a large variety for cats, dogs and critters.